Our Work

Community Now! is very proud to be a key sponsor of the award winning film: Love Land. (learn more about the film: lovelandfilm.com) For more information about the film and to host a screening in your area contact Community Now!

Community Now! believes that films depicting people with disabilities as capable and that the roles of people with disabilities are Played by people with disabilities provides a powerful message to the public at large. Community Now! supports film projects that reflect people with disabilities as people; prompting conversations from viewers that leads to change.

Community Now! actively supports the following film projects. Please contact Community Now! for more information about screening these films.

Provide on-going information through multi media outlets.

Schedule a presentation or film screening in your community. To schedule a presentation regarding long-term support and services (AKA Medicaid Waiver programs) in Texas, resources, or a film screening in your community contact Joe Tate at 1.830.305.0613.

Produce and support film that create opportunities for people to engage in conversation that lead to change.

“Forgotten Lives” Trailer

San Marcos Daily Record Article
Barnard Carabello Interview
Dr. Linda Parrish Interview
Haseeb Interview
State School Staff Interview

“Willowbrook” (2012) Trailer

CN! launched the Inclusion Cinema Empowerment Project (ICEP overview and brochure) in 2013.

CN! is a member of the Disability Cinema Coalition (DCC).

Serve as an advisor for The Self Determination Group for individuals with disabilities that are 14 and older.

Support educational demonstrations that encourage immediate action by key Statewide leaders.

View our flyer in English or Spanish.