Community Now! is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We made a decision when CN! was organized to fund the organization with private donations and event sponsors. We do not seek grant funding from any entity that would have some control over our message. This approach to funding ensures CN! stays true to the organization’s mission.

We depend on your donation to continue the work to support exceptional supports and services for Texans with disabilities and to be a voice to the voiceless living in institutions.

We seek to realize the CN! mission by supporting and producing films that promote conversations and educate people with limited knowledge about disability related issues. And we provide education presentations through partnerships to organize conferences. Our work to impact policy by educating legislators is also a key CN! foundation piece.

If you believe in our work, please hit the donate button and donate via pay pal. Please consider making an ongoing monthly donation. Even a dollar a month is one more dollar we didn’t have.

If you have interest in joining our list for updates about CN! activities please sign up in the Contact tab of the website. There are numerous ways to support CN! that do not include dollar donations…time and commitment is priceless!

Thank you for your support!