Self Determination Groups

Change happens when the group of people directly impacted by injustice organize and speak out for their rights. Community Now! supports a Self Determination group in Ft. Worth, Texas. This group is represented by people with Intellectual Disabilities who learn how to speak out about their right to live, work and play in their communities. This group is organized and led by people with Intellectual Disabilities.

Community Now! is honored to be affiliated with this Self Determination group in Ft. Worth and has approved their status as an Affiliate. As an Affiliate organization, this group will be able to use the CN! 501c3 status to raise funds to pursue their mission. CN! will support the group upon request to provide education options regarding policy change and how they have the most power to make changes. CN! will support not control the work of this group and we hope to support other groups of people who would like to organize for change.